Big Update – Última actualización… por ahora.

My apologies to the hipothetic reader of this… eh… what do you call this? …of the whatever-this-is-called, for not putting the previous post in English as I said I would. I was a little -now extremely- busy, and the stupid computer erased the whole post. Meh, anyway…

A lot has happened this week: "Habemus Papam", studying for 3 exams (which now takes up a lot of my time), and other things, have been extremely time-consuming. So, this will be the last update for these two weeks -well, technically, week and a half- because I have a Calculus exam, and a possible Physics exam (you know, the one mentioned in one of the previous entries… wish me luck!) and I have to study a lot, not taking into account that I also have to study for the selection exam, which I’ll explain next.

I’m currently studying Civil Engineering, but it turns out that I don’t really like it (at least not as much as Systems Engineering, which is the one I will be studying next) so I’m going to change to the aforementioned career (it is just changing the "option", because my university has 4 common semesters for every engineering, and 6 other that are specific to each career). In order to do that, I have to take the test I took to get in, so I have to study a lot (might as well remember some things) of algebra, chemistry, physics, and reading comprehension (in spanish).

And the other part of the update was… oh! I have a new cellphone!
It’s a Motorola C215 -not much, but it’s cool anyway- and I finally got to throw out that old T128C that I had (well, the second one.. the first simply froze and never turned on again).


Cumpliendo con la actualización anterior, ahora posteo esta; más que todo es un aviso de que no andaré por acá por lo que queda de semana, y la siguiente, debido a toda la estudiadera que tengo que hacer (¡Deséenme suerte! si alguien lee este blog, al menos deje el comentario para saber, jejeje). Aparte de todo lo que ha pasado esta semana (que me quedé sin comentar gracias a mi "querida" compu…) pues tengo mucho por hacer, y sinceramente no creo poder hacerlo si no pongo de mi parte y me limito a mi mismo en el uso de la computadora; que, aceptémoslo, se vuelve adictiva a veces, así sea para escuchar música, es indispensable estar sentado al frente.. vaya a saber por qué…
En fin, apareceré esporádicamente para revisar mi mail, y quizá postear cosas acá, pero lo dudo… claro, si presento algún examen, mi carga de tiempo se verá reducida, y podré estar mucho más acá, pero todo depende… sé que el lunes es casi seguro que presente Cálculo.
Así que, saludos para todos, se cuidan, y manden mensajes, mails, lo que quieran…


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